SALMON CUTS and the unsliced smoked salmon 

The D-Cut

The D-cut side is the everyday cut. The slices are cut into the salmon and the slice is in the shape of a ‘D’. The slice, which goes from the back to the belly, includes the salmon’s rich, flavoursome brown meat. Each slice is then carefully layered on top of each other in order to recreate the look of the original, uncut side.

The Long Sliced Side

This technique is the more modern method of slicing and involves slicing the salmon lengthways (from head to tail) so as to create a long thin slice of smoked salmon – without the brown meat. It is sometimes referred to as a ‘lateral’ slice. This type of slice is the most versatile when it comes to using smoked salmon in a wide range of dishes – from smoked salmon bagels to pasta dishes.

Unsliced (this is how we like it)

If you’d like to take the slicing into your own hands then this is for you! Some chefs prefer unsliced sides as they often like to ‘slice to order’, which creates a fresher, richer taste. Equally, for the non-chefs amongst us, if entertaining, slicing your own carries with it a degree of food theatre.

Our unsliced smoked salmon hold the flavour and moisture considerably more then the sliced – you will find the smoked flavour lingers on you pallet and ensures the extra time taken to slice the salmon all the more worthwhile…..